Star School Products

Star School Products

Receive free student materials from advertiser partners, or work with us to print at the best cost possible.

At Fuse, we work with schools and the local community to provide efficient, branded school printing products at minimal cost to you. For example, our school folders can be provided at no cost, thanks to generous support by local sponsors. Best of all, we reach out to the advertisers, so you just have to let us know what you need!

Work with us to design, print and bind materials for your upcoming school year, sports events or fundraisers. We'll help create your school printing projects quickly and at the best cost possible.

Branded Star School products include:

  • Student Handbooks and Planners, complete with daily school events and handy reference pages
  • Pocket Folders (free with local advertising support)
  • Book Covers (free with local advertising support)
  • Graduation and Event Programs
  • Spirit Wear
  • Branded Giveaway Items (you name it—from water bottles and magnets to license plate frames and lanyards)
  • Signs, Banners and Floor Decals

We can also provide full-service design and production for:

  • Parent Handbooks and School Policy Booklets
  • Family Wall Calendars with important phone numbers, events, testing windows and holidays
  • Newsletters and Magazines
  • Course Guides
  • School Emergency Guides

Simply contact us now to get started.

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