KishHealth Success Story


Multidimensional Signage Unifies New Hospital Network Brand

There is more growing in DeKalb, Illinois, than corn. With a network of more than 20 healthcare facilities throughout the community of over 100,000 people, KishHealth System took on a full rebranding effort even as it continued to add locations and services.

Situated about 60 miles west of Chicago, the anchor hospital and its health system network offers services in areas such as joint replacement, cardiac care, maternity, cancer treatment, sleep disorders, physical therapy, home health, hospice care and endocrinology, and supports a physician group.

The greatest thing was that we had one person from Fuse dedicated to this. It was overwhelming... letting that one person keep it all on task, on time, on budget helped tremendously.



Unifying the brand became top priority. KishHealth System chose Fuse because of the company’s extensive experience in signage and wide range of production services. The directive? Inspire patients, staff and the community to confidently recognize the KishHealth System brand at first glance across a wide variety of facility types.


“I was in great need of a project manager,” recalls Noah Nordbrock of KishHealth. “We didn’t have the staff or time to make sure all the new and replacement signage was done correctly. Fuse stepped up.”

The Fuse wide-format team followed KishHealth System’s stringent branding standards, making sure nothing was missed and that colors, logos and taglines were consistently produced. They catalogued locations, production specifications and installation instructions for more than 100 interior and exterior signs.

The effort included:

  • Large, monument-style signage
  • Eye-catching, 3D, die-cut KishHealth System logos installed behind or above reception desks
  • Suite identifiers
  • Raised Braille lettering and other special features for select signage

Not all the signage stood still, either! Fuse produced vinyl wraps for about 25 vehicles, including an RV for wellness screenings. The vehicle acts as a moving billboard at events such as the DeKalb Corn Fest and area parades.

KishHealth System’s internal brand launch, referred to as the “Power of We,” proved equally important. Fuse worked with KishHealth’s design team to produce internal displays that reinforced the idea that everyone working together makes the health system great. Large displays, each about 20 feet long, were visible in employee hallways at several locations. Fuse also produced compact, mobile displays for smaller facilities and departments.

Nordbrock, an 11-year veteran at KishHealth System, said working with Fuse saved him valuable time. “I could send them the text, logo and mockups with approval from our side and they did all the sizing and manipulation to ensure that the files would work as needed.”


According to Nordbrock, the signage brings unity to employees and pulls the brand together. “Everyone loves it. The more vibrant colors and the 3D die-cut logo behind the reception area reinforce the brand internally, solidifying the feeling that ‘I belong, not just to this building, but to one single health system.’ Building a solid internal brand is extremely important to achieve before you build it externally.” He added, “The greatest thing is that we had one person from Fuse dedicated to this. It was overwhelming due to the project scope and timeline. Letting that one person keep it all on task, on time, on budget helped tremendously.”