Baum Success Story


Stunning Signage from Fuse Builds Pride of Neighborhood

What sets the tone when entering a neighborhood? Signage, of course. Weather-beaten signs in disrepair create feelings of neglect, while robust, vivid signs give the impression of a wellkept community. Just ask Mike Baum, owner of Baum Property Management.

Collectively, his team of 12 provides condo and homeowner association services for more than 16,000 condominiums and homes in appealing, family-friendly suburbs due west of Chicago

Every job I give them has come back better than I envisioned.



Baum Property Management wanted a team who could create signage that would perform over the long term. With expertise in wide-format printing, UV protective coatings and plastic substrates, Fuse was a perfect match. As a result, the two companies have worked together for many years.


A Fuse account executive visits the many communities under the Baum team’s care, takes photographs and presents proposals that include recommendations on substrates and special materials, installation strategies and associated costs for new or replacement signage. The property managers then present these details to the association boards for final approval.

“I believe that in today’s market, it’s all about curb appeal...Quality signage is the best bang for the buck,” explains Baum.

Baum appreciates the suggestions offered by the Fuse team and feels that they add tremendous value. “(Fuse) has the insight to improve on the specifications and really cares about doing the best job possible,” says Baum.

Fuse prints and installs hundreds of signs for Baum’s association groups, including Prairie Point Condominium Association, The Fisher Farms Master Association, Summer Wind Condominium Association and Windstone Homeowners Association. In one recent example, Baum says that residents stopped and commented how much the signs made a difference—as the fourby-four posts were just being installed!

Baum and his team rely on the Fuse team’s client-centric approach. Weekly office visits and a focus on bottom lines, budgets and deadlines bring what Baum describes as a “unique mindset” to the partnership.

Many of the Fuse account staff are business and industry veterans. “If you have someone with 30 years of experience, you can’t reproduce that. They’re the ones who understand and get it done,” comments Baum. “When I set them loose on a job, they think about it more than I have,” he jokes.

“The employees at Fuse,” says Baum, “make it personal. I have come to know that it’s all about relationships in the business world. Every job I give them has come back better than I envisioned.”


For Baum and his property managers, the results cannot be measured in numbers. Rather, it’s the residents’ feedback that counts. He says, “The quality is exceptional. My clients love the end product. I’ve had quite a few compliments. The signs are exceptionally well made and they pop and they balance with the environment they are in.”

“It’s a company I can trust, and that makes life simpler when you don’t have to worry about things,” said Baum, adding, “They even did the sign in front of the office. If I trust them to design and install the sign for my company, that says it all.”